Maria Ktistopoulou born in Athens. Studied painting at The Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) with faculty supervisors Triantafyllos Patraskidis, Martinos Gavathas, and Marina Lambraki-Plaka. Was awarded three times from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.). Graduated in 1990 with Merit. Also studied graphic design at the (A.T.I.). Works by the painter are included in the following collections: National Museum, Kouvoutsakis Art Gallery, Kifissia, Komotene Gallery, Vorres Museum in Paeania, Museum of Modern Art in Florina, Teriade Museum and Library in Lesbos, Vlassis Fryssiras Collection, Costas Ioannides Collection, and many more private collections.

Individual Exhibitions

1995 Dwellings of Vision. Maria Papadopoulou Art Gallery, Athens.

1997 Crypts. Trigono Art Gallery, Kifissia.

1999 Paraphernalia. Creonides Art Gallery, Athens.

2000 Ancillary and Exceptionable. Metamorphosis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

2001 Adam Gallery, Athens.

2002 National Research Centre, Athens / Curator: Athena Schina (Part of the Colloquium Myth against Hunger, dedicated to the World Food Day).

2003 Metamorfosis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

2004 Ship Portraits. Adam Gallery, Athens.

2007 Views and Seasons of Nature. Gallery Skoufa, Athens.

2009 Metamorfosis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

2010 Gallery F, Karditsa.

2010 Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris